Unitor Aquabreak PX 25 liters Can


Unitor Aquabreak PX 25 liters Can is a multipurpose cleaning and degreasing agent. It is low-toxic, non-caustic, free of hydrocarbon solvents and biodegradable. This product removes effectively dirt and oily matters without the use of solvents and caustic based cleaners.The surfactant formulation with complex binders has an excellent cleaning efficiency.

Unitor™ Aquabreak PX™ is NSF approved so it can be used to clean food serving areas and food stations.

Optimal for use in the following applications:

  • Good for use in galleys and on decks
  • Engine room cleaner
  • Suitable for cargo tank cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning of soiled textiles as rugs, covers, mats, overalls etc.
  • Effectively cleans fiberglass boats

Features and Benefits of Unitor AquaBreak PX

  • Multi purpose water based degreaser
  • Highly concentrated
  • Biodegradable, low toxic and non-caustic
  • Safe on all materials
  • Has several applications so you can minimise the number of cleaners used onboard
  • Safe to use and your safety is always our priority
  • Minimize the risk to damage surfaces.

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