Shell Ensis-DW2455


405,950.00 450,000.00

Brand Shell
Packaging Type Drum
Packaging Size 209 ltr
Application Industrial Lubricants

Shell Ensis DW Fluids are temporary corrosion preventatives for metal

Product Description

Shell   Ensis   DW   Fluids   are   temporary   corrosion  preventatives   for   metal surfaces  likely  to  corrode  in  storage  or  use.  Ensis DW  Fluids  are  water-displacing  solvent  based  rust  inhibitors  that  leave temporary  protective  films on  metal  surfaces.  They  protect  metal  parts  from  the  damaging  effects  of moisture, air, detergents & other contaminants. They are very effective rust inhibitors for protecting machined parts in storage and coating parts exiting washers or after rust stripping.

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